Sports Rehab and more in Bethesda

Based in Bethesda Rugby Club, Ogwen Physical Rehabilitation is open to all who need muscle pain relief and joint mobilisation. As a trained Manual Therapist (Dip.) I’m regulated by CNHC (#CNHC01412) and BCMA (#PO3802) with 8 years experience, my aim is to understand exactly what type of rehabilitation services you need so you can get yourself back on track and let go of stress and tension.

Expert help, exactly when you need it

Coming to terms with needing physical rehabilitation can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’ve always been an incredibly active person. It can also be difficult to accept that you might need help from others, especially if you are very independent.

Here at Ogwen Physical Rehabilitation in Bethesda, I want all of my patients to know how supported they are, and that my number one priority will always be ensuring that they get the rehabilitation they need. I’m always here to offer expert help, exactly when my patients need it. Get in touch today to discover what I can do for you.


Ogwen Physical Rehabilitation is here to accommodate you, no matter what. I strongly believe that everyone should have access to a muscle and joint pain-free life. That’s why I offer top-notch treatments at incredibly reasonable prices, from sports rehab to mobility issues and more.

Initial Consultation

£50 (approx. 50 minutes)

During the initial consultation, I start with a review of the patient’s medical history followed by a biomechanical evaluation and physical rehabilitation session.

Follow-up Sessions

£50 (approx. 40 – 45 minutes)

During any follow up sessions, progress will be assessed and biomechanical analysis performed once more, followed by further treatment adapted to any changes in the patient’s condition.


Ogwen Physical Rehabilitation
Bethesda RFC Dol Dafydd, Bethesda, Bangor LL57 3NE

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